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Protecting the legacy of collectibles also means safeguarding the interests of collectors. On our platform, both the community and the collectibles are safe.


Backed with blockchain technology, our records are tamper-proof and designed to endure. Just like your favorite collectibles, they will always be there for you.


Provenance and asset information is vital to the decision process of serious buyers, so we designed our platform to be clear and straightforward. 


Our verified icon confirms that a user with a Codex Account is who they say they are.  Now, you can fully trust the history behind your best pieces.

Verifying an Asset with Codex

Step 1

Browse your favorite website and discover an attractive collectible—one that you would like to acquire, if it were authentic.

Step 2

Search for the item on the Codex Viewer, using:
  • its Codex record number
  • the title
  • the creator

Step 3

Browse and review the item’s provenance, complete with photos and documentation.

Step 4

Privately contact seller and discuss acquisition. Purchase your new collectible and request the transfer of item’s Codex record.

Codex Records: The Modern Provenance

Though our records can be created by anyone—empowering creators to make the first contribution for an item—the majority of Codex records are created, and reviewed by professional third-parties. Records reviewed by these auction houses, appraisers, and other experts, display our verified icon, so you can always tell the difference.

Discover the auction houses and professional parties we collaborate with to ensure accurate provenances.

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