Verified Accounts

What is a Verified Account?

A Verified Account is a user who has had their identity verified by Codex. Through an application and vetting process outlined in the following question, Codex verifies the user is who they claim they are.

Verified User’s names appear in the Codex Record’s provenance instead of their wallet address, letting viewers more easily and quickly identify reputable users and help to build trust on the Codex Registry.

Can I Trust the Codex Records from Verified Accounts?

Only the identity of Verified Users are verified by Codex, not the Codex Records these users create, modify or transfer. Codex does not authenticate or verify individual Codex Records created on the platform by Verified Users.

It is up to the individual to decide whether they trust the information a Verified User adds to their Records, as Codex only claims to verify one’s identity, not the Records they create. Therefore, Codex recommends users still exercise reasonable caution when trusting a Codex Record of a user they do not know.

How do I Get Verified?

Codex has a four step application and vetting process to become a Verified Account. The process is the following:

Step 1

Users fill out an application form. Any user is required to provide specific valid details to meet our criteria inclusive of at least ONE of the following:

  • A copy of a photo identification card. This may be a government issued ID, residence card, university or school ID, or transportation card with photo.
  • OR a video conference call with an employee of Codex Labs, Inc.  

AND at least TWO of the following:

  • An email address
  • A social media account. Included but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium.
  • A personal/professional website

Step 2

Applicant will need to respond to TWO of the following:

  • An email from an employee from Codex Labs, Inc.
  • A message on his or her social media accounts from a @CodexProtocol account
  • A message through a website’s “contact” form from an employee at Codex Labs, Inc.

Step 3

When Steps 1 and 2 have been met, an employee from Codex Labs, Inc. will contact the applicant. The applicant will need to provide the Codex Labs, Inc. employee with BOTH of the following:

  • The wallet address associated with the Codex account
  • The Verified Name the applicant wishes to have associated with the account

Step 4

After receiving the wallet address and verified name, an employee from Codex Labs, Inc. will send a confirmation email to the applicant notifying them that their account has been changed to a Verified Account.

Apply for a Verified Account