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Learn more about the technology behind the Codex platform.

Codex Records

Digital Certificates of Authenticity

Codex Records are an online lockbox that allow you to safely store and share information about an item. Add provenance documentation like attestations from appraisers or bills of sale from auction houses. 

Secured by Blockchain

Blockchain technology makes attestations and chain of ownership impossible to fake. Every transaction can be verified and the system is unhackable.

Own Your Data

Codex is built on the public Ethereum blockchain, helping to ensure long-term viability and ease of integration with other applications.

Codex API

Generate Records Automatically

The Codex API allows you to automatically generate Codex records when customers make purchases through your site, which can be given to customers or used as an immutable internal audit system.

Embed Provenance Information on Your Site

You can embed information from a Codex Record directly into your site. This will help to boost customer confidence in the authenticity of the item.

Codex Viewer

Easy Login with Your Daily Account

Get started right away, without knowing blockchain. Sign up easily with your Google, Facebook or Microsoft account.

Simple User Interface

The Codex Viewer allows you to easily create, manage and transfer Codex Records for any item you own. You don’t need to be a tech wiz.

Verified Accounts

Our verified icon confirms that a user with a Codex Account is who they say they are. Now, you can fully trust the origin of your favorite pieces.


CodexCoin (CODX) is used to modify and verify the data stored on Codex Records, among other uses. There are already auction houses, lenders, appraisers, and fractional ownership companies who have announced plans to use CodexCoin.


Biddable solves the problem of non-performing bidders and connects auction houses to the growing market of wealthy cryptocurrency holders. Users can verify intent to buy when registering for an auction by making a cryptocurrency deposit.

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