Does a Codex Record prove I own something?

Codex Records are a way to verify your ownership through existing documentation, but not a representation of legal title. An asset that is registered on a Codex Record with thorough provenance documentation can help in proving ownership. 

Do I need to prove my identity?

No. If you log in to the Codex Viewer with a crypto wallet, then no identifiable information is kept about you. In order to identify simple login users, we keep a record of the email used to log in. The only time you would need to provide additional information about...

How do I create a Codex Record?

How to create a Codex Record Artists create Codex Records for their works to preserve provenance and value. Codex Protocol News Oct 23, 2018 Are you an artist or creator? There are a few reasons why creating non-fungible tokens is emerging as a great way to send your...

How do I invite someone to use Codex?

If you send a Record to someone’s email, they will be prompted to join Codex. Otherwise, send them to the Codex Viewer homepage and they can easily sign up.