Does a Codex Record prove I own something?

Codex Records are a way to verify your ownership through existing documentation, but not a representation of legal title. An asset that is registered on a Codex Record with thorough provenance documentation can help in proving ownership. 

Do I need to prove my identity?

No. If you log in to the Codex Viewer with a crypto wallet, then no identifiable information is kept about you. In order to identify simple login users, we keep a record of the email used to log in. The only time you would need to provide additional information about...

How do I invite someone to use Codex?

If you send a Record to someone’s email, they will be prompted to join Codex. Otherwise, send them to the Codex Viewer homepage and they can easily sign up.  

What if I forget my login info?

If you signed up with a secondary account like Google or Facebook, we can not reset your password directly. You would need to reset your password with that identity provider (eg. by going to If you signed up with an email and password, just...