One small record, one big difference

Secure your inventory with Codex and bring a new level of confidence to your business.
Recording events in the life of a collectible should be fast, easy and effective. Codex empowers you to create digital records that benefit you, your clients, and even the assets themselves. It’s just one more way we are strengthening the collectibles community.

How It Works

Create an Account

It’s easy to sign up. Just go to the Codex Viewer. If you are an artist, gallery, or auction house, you may want to apply for a Verified Account

Record Creation

Create a Codex Record containing information about events in a collectible’s life. You can upload supporting documents like an appraisal report or sale receipt.


If you sell the item, transfer the Codex Record to asset’s owner. In the case of a sale that record is now the property of the purchaser.


Like most business solutions, Codex Records provide greater efficiencies on greater scales.

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Auction Houses

Authentication is no longer a source of pain—it’s a point of pride.

Running an auction house means more than just selecting the right pieces. It means creating a client experience worthy of the assets they desire. Now, they can experience history in the making and know its benefits as well.

The Codex Experience

Deliver a frictionless verification experience
Designed to confirm an asset’s authenticity in just one click, our sleek user experience builds the buyer’s sense of confidence and joy, bringing the pleasure of collecting to every part of their journey.
Integrate Codex with ease
Our Codex API easily integrates with your platform like any other software you use. A simple technological addition, it also seamlessly blends into the purchasing journey by prioritising ease of use and customer needs.
Drive traffic from our platform to yours
Our enhanced SEO pairs buyers with available assets faster and more frequently. Once satisfied with the item’s provenance, they are redirected to the website hosting its sale, increasing purchases for all platforms that support Codex records.
Secure future asset value
Including an asset’s auction sale in its provenance records allows future collectors to view previous bid values as well as the auction house that oversaw its sale. A simple addition that preserves asset value, these records secure customer loyalty and interests.

Grading Companies

Business as usual has never been easier.

Grading collectibles is a career of shared discoveries, even when it’s mired in the business of work. Evaluations should be easy to savor and short to record. Now, you can leave behind the paperwork and enjoy a new day of hidden treasures.

The Codex Experience

Increase your liability protection
Create an immutable audit trail for your company’s grading actions. Codex Records securely retain important action details, defending every step you take.
Save time with every record
Codex programming allows your company to create and manage records quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend time on what matters most.
Easy Integration
Our Codex API easily integrates with your platform like any other software you use. Other blockchain services often require complicated technical processes, but we believe great services should be simple.
Made for you and your customers
The Codex platform is designed for a sleek user experience, a greater sense of trust and transparency, as well as reduced friction throughout the pre-, and post-, purchasing process. Together, we enhance the pleasures of collecting.


Your business should appreciate with all great collectibles.

According value to objects of crystallized history is a powerful act that deserves more appreciation. Now, your business can grow when an asset is appraised, and whenever it’s viewed too.

The Codex Experience

Add customer value
Provide accessible, digitally secured records to your customers that are simple to store and transfer. Designed to reduce friction throughout the pre-, and post-, purchasing process, owners will now look forward to showcasing your appraisal with ease.
Increase your exposure
Each record you create promotes your business whenever it’s viewed. Appraisal records often attract the most interest within an asset’s provenance and serve as excellent marketing tools to future clients.
Bolster your liability protection
Using Codex builds an immutable audit trail for all of your evaluations. Securely stored, you can privately access the details of important actions at any time and defend every mandate you completed.
Save time with each record
Codex programming allows your company to create and manage records quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend time on what matters most.


Make your mark.

Crafting coveted pieces is more than just a colorful business model, it’s a testimony to the celebrated figures of our time. Now, you can be forever associated with these great icons, spurring their value and yours.

The Codex Experience

Preserve your artistic legacy
Ensure that your name is always associated with your creations. Easily add Codex Records to each creation and build your network of recognizable work, no matter how far it travels.
Add value for buyers
Provide your buyers with the same peace of mind that we provide you. Codex Records ensure that their new purchases will always be recognized as original and will accrue value accordingly.
Avoid the costs of traditional authentication
The process of traditional authentication can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. By creating Codex Records, you can conveniently secure each creation within minutes and at a fraction of the cost.
Build your name
Our enhanced SEO encourages your works to be found faster and by more buyers, helping the world discover you faster. You can also showcase an electronic gallery through our Codex Viewer, for all our members to discover.


Buying or selling art and collectibles is not just a question of taste, it is a matter of confidence.

Empowering the people is the only way to truly support the art. Bringing artists and sellers together in one simple place, means securing the community’s future for everyone. Now, there is a way to connect them perfectly.

The Codex Experience

– Provide a frictionless verification experience for users
– Seamlessly augment your platform with a new digital arm
– Serve new, untapped markets of cryptocurrency owners
– Increase confidence amongst producing artists with protected works