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Made for the industry—and everyone in it. Auction Houses, Marketplaces, Artists, Dealers and Collectors are all benefitting from the Codex

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Auction Houses

Running an auction house means more than just selecting the right event pieces. It means creating a client experience worthy of the assets they desire.

Immutable provenance is no longer a mystery. It’s the modern frame for every masterpiece.

  • Valuable assets retain a secure and irrefutable digital record of ownership
  • Clients enjoy a frictionless verification experience in just one click
  • Online auction platforms seamlessly augment their offering with a new digital arm

Codex + Heffel

Built on a rich history of insightful modernizations, Heffel—Canada’s largest auction house—has now partnered with Codex, weaving blockchain into one of the world’s most enduring online auction platforms. As the number one Internet resource site for the Canadian art market, they see blockchain provenance as just another logical step for the industry and we are pleased to help them realize their vision of an effortless client journey.

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The most celebrated works of art remain a testament of the human condition and deserve to be protected as such.
Separated, an oeuvre and creator will fade with time.

It is only with an artist’s identity that a masterpiece can endure. Codex’s tools are now yours to reshape the world.

Preserve the recognition your work deserves. Forge a legacy that both timeless and unique.

  • Preservation of artistic legacy
  • Added value for buyers
  • New accessibility to buyers with cryptocurrency
  • Economical alternative to traditional authentication

Codex + Vesa

Prominent for his groundbreaking new art form, often described as integral art, Vesa Kivinen has been an outspoken supporter of blockchain, and its merger with art, since its inception. It was only natural for us to help realize his vision for the recent Las Vegas exhibition with our Codex records.

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Dealers & Collectors

Our greatest treasures are richer for the context they capture.

Dedicated to recording every important event in the life your collectibles, our platform preserves the rich history of every valuable you love. Humanity’s great legacies are now yours to access on a whim and share when the time is right.

A legacy’s past shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery, simply wrapped in admiration.

  • Valuable assets retain a secure and irrefutable digital record of ownership
  • Owners can also include attestations and appraisals from experts
  • Exclusive features and expanding service providers will continue to be regularly added
  • Personal and corporate privacy remains on the utmost importance

Codex + Krypto Studios

Dedicated to cryptocurrency themed art, the Miami-based studio proudly curates a provocative gallery and an enthusiastic cryptotech community. Veterans at exploring the crossroad between systems caught in a modern flux and popular art forms, they possess an incredible understanding of the space’s current evolution. Together, we are excited to strengthen analog valuables with the power of blockchain authentication.

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Producing, buying or selling art and collectibles isn’t just a question of taste, it’s a matter of confidence. The Codex ecosystem serves all parties by empowering them towards immutable provenance, one-step authentication and streamlined insurance. All in one simple place.

Love the art you’ve always wanted.

  • Clients enjoy a frictionless verification experience in just one click
  • Marketplace platforms seamlessly augment their offering with a new digital arm
  • New, untapped markets of now accessible cryptocurrency owners
  • Increased confidence amongst producing artists with protected works

Codex + Bluethumb

Dedicated to connecting artists with collectors, interior designers and passionate art lovers, Australia’s leading marketplace strives to make the artist life easier. In their quest to improve sales conditions for creators and buyers alike, blockchain provenance is now of the utmost interest for groups like Bluethumb. We are proud to help them support artists and delight buyers in the very best ways possible.

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Marketplaces using Codex

Get Codex Records for your purchases at auction.

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Get Codex Records for your purchases at auction.

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Buy shares in individual artworks.

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Fractionalize and securitize artwork you own.

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Secure the provenance of your online art purchases

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Vendor Partners

Proof-of-Assets for Arts & Collectibles.

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Encode physical items with digital signatures.

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Request a virtual appraisal from a network of expert appraisers.

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Art & Collectibles Pricing Transparency for Global Markets.

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Get a one-click quote for an asset-backed loan.

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Easily get quotes from service providers.

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Proof-of-Assets for Arts & Collectibles.

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Become a Codex Partner

Partner withCodex and join a global ecosystem of forward-thinking art & collectibles companies. We believe that collectively empowering the industry with a modern solution for provenance is the only way to success. Our goal is to reduce friction in the ecosystem, helping you to access more customers and us to broaden the range of services our customers can access.

We have two kinds of partnerships:

Marketplace integrations with companies that sell collectibles online, like Live Auctioneers, the online auction site.

Ecosystem partners who will use Codex Records to allow access to ancillary service, like Dust Identity, that a cutting edge way of invisibly tagging artwork with diamond dust.

We are looking for global partners in collectibles and blockchain, from shipping, to insurance to token-based fractional ownership. If you think that we could work together, send us a message using the form below.

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