How do I pay?

If you are logged in through Simple Login you can pay for CODX with a credit card. If you are using MetaMask, then you will pay for gas with ETH.

How do I buy more CODX?

When you are logged in to the Codex Viewer through a Simple Login account, the bottom left of the screen displays your credit balance. Press the little “i” information button and then “Get More CODX”. From there, pick the payment package and we will process your...

How much does this cost?

Creating a Codex Record costs 20 CODX; modifying a Record costs 10 CODX. Each CODX is equivalent to about 10 cents. You can purchase CODX via credit card through our secure payment system (Stripe) if you are logged in with the Simple Login feature.

What is Codex Coin?

CodexCoin (CODX) is used to modify and verify the data stored on Codex Records, among other uses. When creating, modifying or sending Records, make sure to have some CODX in your account. For a comprehensive understanding of CODX and the token economy, read this...