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Growing sales and hammer prices through improved provenance

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Secure Title

Create a secure digital chain of ownership for your valuable assets and easily assert ownership

Record Provenance

Secure your provenance documents and collect attestations from experts stamped on the blockchain

Prove Authenticity

Easily share verified information with potential buyers and service providers to easily prove authenticity

New Markets

Over 29,346 addresses hold at least $1,000,000 worth of bitcoins. Holders of cryptocurrency represent an untapped market for auction houses

Backed by an Industry Consortium

Building a protocol that becomes an industry standard requires the support of large stakeholders and needs to accommodate the needs of diverse stakeholders. Building a committed consortium is the best way to accomplish this. Members of the consortium all agree to its mission, which includes:

  • Develop and continually improve Codex.
  • Support, sponsor and build impactful applications.
  • Expand the consortium.
  • Educate the A&C ecosystem about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Educate the crypto-community about the importance and opportunities of the A&C asset class.

5000 Auction Houses

$10M Items Sold Yearly

Codex Records

Digital Provenance Records

Digital Certificates of Authenticity

Codex records are an online lockbox that allow you to safely store and share information about an item. Add provenance documentation like attestations from appraisers or bills of sale from auction houses. Each piece of information will be stamped on the blockchain.

Secured by the blockchain

Blockchain technology makes attestations and chain of ownership impossible to fake. Every transaction can be verified and the system is unhackable.

Own your data

Codex is built on an open system, meaning that you always control your data, there will be lots of apps that will play nicely with this system, like insurance and loans.

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