Collect with Confidence

Collect with Confidence

Locate reliable provenance for authentic assets, secured by blockchain.

Verify the authenticity of a collectible by viewing its provenance—its identity and ownership history—on the Codex Viewer, linked to the search bar below.

Verify an Asset

Locate an asset by searching for its title, creator name, or Codex Record number, to review the detailed provenance, including photos and documentation.

Secure an Asset

Easily secure your collection or creations on the blockchain with our user-friendly interface.

Partner with Us

Integrate the Codex API on your site to issue Codex Records for each asset, inspiring customer confidence in every collectible.

Protecting Collectors Means Protecting Collectibles

The art and collectibles market is filled with faked, flawed, or forged pieces that rely on an antiquated provenance system. We knew there could be only one solution—a new provenance structure that’s simple, secure, and immutable. One that protects the collectors as much as the creators, and is backed by the heart of the professional collectibles community.

We call it the Codex Protocol.

Codex’s best-in-class technology provides a valuable solution. Their approach serves the entire market, owners, creators and institutions, making them an obvious choice for anyone who cares about protecting the integrity and value of their collection.
Brook Hazelton
Former President, Christie’s America

Visit our Codex Viewer and experience the difference for yourself

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First Auction with Blockchain Provenance

In May 2018, Ethereal Summit hosted the first auction to issue Codex-secured titles for all pieces sold.
All proceeds benefited the Foundation for Art & Blockchain and featured work from 10 artists at the cutting edge of creativity. During the auction, a specially commissioned CryptoKitty digital collectible was sold for a record-breaking $140,000.

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