A review of new features, launches and changes at Codex

During the 2nd quarter we launched 3 new services and features geared towards making the platform easier and more collector-friendly. With thousands of new collectors continually joining Codex each quarter and our partnership with LiveAuctioneers, we have a constant stream of new and returning collectors who use Codex as their digital collection management tool. 

The three new launches and development updates from Q2 all helped to propel Codex forward as the best digital collection management platform.

White Glove Service

The first release of the quarter was the White Glove Service. Collectors can utilize White Glove service to overcome the huge backlogs of items they want registered to Codex.

This service helps art professionals and collectors who have large numbers of items they want to add to Codex, but don’t want to spend large amounts of time registering them. Learn more about White Glove on our site here.

1. Printable Codex Record Certificates

The first new feature on Codex this past quarter was the introduction of Printable Codex Record Certificates. Having printable versions of Codex Records was designed primarily for the art professionals as an offering for them to give to buyers along with the digital Records. Artists, gallerists, dealers and collectors want to keep the printed Records as part of their provenance records. While users understand the value of blockchain Records, it turns out some still like tangible documents to accompany them. 

View Romero’s Gallery: https://codex-viewer.com/featured-collections/ikohaus

Over the past few months, we’ve received many inquiries from collectors and artists who want to print out their Codex Records. Because of the increased demand, we’ve included Printable Records as a part of our newly launched memberships perks. 

If you are interested in a Printable Codex Record Certificate for your Records, please visit the form here.

2. Provenance “Details” Section

The second new feature launched this quarter to help manage art and collectibles is the provenance “Details” section. We added more functionality around the meta data aspects of records with a “Details” section for each Codex Record. 

This entailed an overhaul of the “create Record” page, implementing a new, full-page design. The new “Details” section on each Record lets users add standard pieces of information about their item, like artist name and creation date.

Adding the extra “Details” page to a Record creates a more robust Record creation process. Our prior provenance section was just a text box for “description”. Users wanted specific fields to enter their data. The feature has been extremely popular, as we’ve seen users modify old Records to include the details, as well as using it when creating new Records.

Additionally, the “Update Record” form now uses this new full-page design, merging the previous off-chain privacy and on-chain models.

Development Updates

In addition to the new features mentioned above, we made a handful of development updates this quarter that helped enhance the user experience and make the Registry run more efficiently. These fixes improved the API and database connectivity, increasing its reliability and requiring less manual intervention from the team.

As part of the new payment systems released in Q3 (see that here) we updated our traditional Stripe payment flows to allow customers purchasing CODX on the platform to do so in a more seamless and branded checkout experience.

In the new checkout flow, pictured above, our users will be able to pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay. The new checkout also saves users’ payment information for a quicker checkout process for returning customers.

Quarter 2 was a busy one at Codex with tons of new releases. We’re excited to see a continued stream of new users on the platform and to see the tens of thousands of items added to the Codex Registry.

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