Dear Codex Community,

Above all, we hope you and your families are staying safe and well during these uncertain times. 

We know a lot has hit your inbox in the past few weeks regarding covid-19 and how companies are handling their responses.  We wanted to send a trimmed down version of our quarterly newsletter regarding the Codex community, developments and accomplishments since year end.


This past quarter was marked by the success of our integration with LiveAuctioneers, which resulted in record new users registering Records to Codex.  With a single click, users on LiveAuctioneers can create Codex Records for items they purchased online. At the close of Q1, over 300,000 CODX tokens had been used on Codex to create, modify and transfer Codex Records. 

With the flood of new users from LA this quarter, we created a new product on Codex specifically designed to fit the needs of our incoming clients. We launched The White Glove Service to our existing users last quarter and plan to make a public launch of the service in Q2.  Learn more about the service by visiting our website here or send us an email at


We’ve made changes and updates to the API which have improved transaction wait times. The migration to a new database resulted in a faster and more efficient API. Learn more about those changes here.

Given the increased traffic from LiveAuctioneers, we made a series of UI changes, including the “claim record flow”, which resulted in an increased number of users claiming the Records for items they purchased on LiveAuctioneers. 

We began investigation of Codex Records “V2” possibilities. This includes discount structures and restructuring the tokenomics. 

We re-designed all of Codex’s marketing emails and “welcome” emails for users who came through LiveAuctioneers. These efforts helped to increase conversion rates of new users who claimed Codex Records and subsequently purchased CODX to use on the platform. 

Token Distribution

This quarter we successfully distributed the CODX tokens to the private sale buyers. We’re pleased with the success of the distribution and the token buyers’ excitement to receive and you their CODX tokens on the platform. 

We know this is an unsettling time, and we are more thankful than ever to have your support. Sending well wishes from the Codex team.