This year was a year of tremendous growth and a whole lot of catalogued items at Codex. We’re thrilled to share some highlights of what we have accomplished together in 2019.

2019 by the Numbers



Codex Records


CODX Spent by
Simple Users


694 Records

Avg. Created/Week by LiveAuctioneers Users

50 Artists

Created Featured


Increase in
Total Users

New Features

In January you could log on and create a Record for your item or creation. Codex is so much more than that today. Now you can:

Instantly create Codex Records for items
bought on LiveAuctioneers

Claim a record from an item bought from an Auction Mobility auction house

Sell your records on OpenSea

Become a Verified User to turn your original works into a featured collection gallery

We want to thank our community for the dedication and support this past year! End your year by signing up to Codex today.