There are two different account types on Codex, Simple Login and Savvy Login. Both allow you to create, modify and transfer Codex Records easily on the Codex Viewer, but they differ in a few key ways. The purpose of this article is to help you decide which account is right for you.

The basics of Simple vs Savvy accounts

Savvy Login accounts

A Savvy user logs in to Codex with their MetaMask wallet and all Codex Records (an ERC-721 token) they create and own are held in their wallet. The Codex Viewer allows the user to view the Records in their web3 wallet. This option is ideal for users who regularly use their MetaMask wallets and are familiar with NFTs. 

Simple Login accounts

Simple Login accounts allow users to signup and login to Codex using their email address or Google/Facebook/Microsoft account; no blockchain wallet is needed. Users can login and navigate Codex easily without ever interacting with the blockchain or using crypto currency. The Simple Login accounts have proven to be extremely popular; users with Simple Login accounts have created over 85,000 Codex Records.

Simple Login users will still receive an Ethereum address for their account, but Codex manages the interaction with the blockchain. The Ethereum address can be found under the “settings” tab when logged in. 

Different accounts and their payment types

Payments with a Savvy account

Savvy users do not pay using any CODX, the only fees they pay are the ETH gas prices associated with the transaction. Savvy users must have small amounts of ETH in their wallets in order to pay for the transaction costs. Users can refer to ETH Gas Station for up to date gas prices. 

Payments with a Simple Login account

Simple Login users purchase CODX coin on the platform and use it to create, modify and transfer Records CODX coins. Once logged into their account, users can buy more CODX with their credit cards through Stripe. 

Selling on OpenSea

All Codex Records are automatically indexed to OpenSea marketplace; public Records are fully viewable while private Records share no information about the Record. As the image below shows, the first Record on the page#5798, is private and just shows a placeholder images, while the other Records on the page are public. When a Savvy user logs into OpenSea with the same MetaMask wallet used to login to Codex, he or she can sell any Records in their Codex collection on the OpenSea marketplace. 

Simple users can not sell their Codex Records on OpenSea as they cannot sign in to OpenSea with a MetaMask wallet. Simple Login users do not have access to the Ethereum address generated for them on Codex, therefore they cannot login to OpenSea to control the sale of their Codex Records. 

Sending and receiving Codex Records

Savvy users can transfer their Codex Records to other Savvy users by entering their wallet address. When viewing a Record, hit “transfer”, enter the wallet address and the recipient will receive the Record within a couple minutes once the transaction has been mined.

Savvy users can also invite someone to view the Record via email. Under “Record Privacy Settings” Savvy users can enter an email address to share the Record with anyone- they don’t need to have a Codex account. This can be a useful tool if you want someone, like an insurer or prospective buyer, to view and verify a Record before you transfer ownership 

Simple users conveniently have the option to send a Codex Record to anyone via email. The recipient will receive an email letting them know you have sent them a Codex Record and they will be prompted to login to claim the Record.

Simple users can also send Records to an Ethereum wallet address and invite anyone to view their Record before transferring it. 

If you have any additional questions about Simple Login vs Savvy accounts, leave a comment below, email or join us on Telegram.