Codex Protocol Product Update — Featured Collections

Learn about all the new features in our first major update of the featured collections platform.



We’ve just released our biggest updates to the featured collections since the feature was created in the fall of 2018. Nearly all of these updates come from feedback from our valuable community members. It is our priority to build the Featured Collections to be as helpful for artists, gallerists and collectors as possible, so the constant communication and feedback from our community has been vital in updating this feature.

Updated design

We thought the overall aesthetic of the galleries could use a facelift, so the new galleries are sleeker and the design has been upgraded. The collections are inherently a very visual entity as they are filled with images of collectibles so we made sure to design the galleries to match the aesthetic quality of the images inside of them.

Title Box / About me

To promote engagement and communication for our users, we designed a “title box” that sits at the top of each featured collection’s page. This links to the account owner’s website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We want to not only promote the users’ Codex Records and collections, but also promote their presence online and any other supporting platforms they use.

Sample example

Featured collection owners now can choose a profile pictures and have an “about me” section to let viewers know more about their collection, practice or self.


The biggest piece of feedback we received amongst featured collection users was that they wanted a direct “contact” button in their collections. When viewers were looking at their collections, they had to find other means of communication on other platforms in order to contact the artist or gallerist. The obvious answer was to create a contact solution that links to whichever mode of communication the account owner prefers. Now users can directly reach the account holders when they see a Record they like or have a question about the collection.


Fullscreen Records

Now you can View all Codex Records in fullscreen. Viewers of a gallery can now browse through all images in a collection in fullscreen, a feature many artists have requested. Fullscreen viewing is also compatible on mobile.


Verified users checkmark badge

A verified checkmark badge will appear next to the user’s name in the provenance of Codex Records. Featured collection accounts are verified users and have been vetted by Codex, and differentiating them from general users with their name in the provenance and a verified badge helps others to immediately make a more informed decision on whether they trust the contents of a Codex Record. A verified badge is an important addition to building a trusted Registry.

The provenance section of a Codex Record 

Note: this update is also relevant for verified users who do not have a featured collection. 

Anyone can apply for verified account here. To get more information on verified accounts, read this post.

The “star” addition

All Codex Records that are part of featured collections now have a star icon. The star icons distinguish Codex Records in featured collections from Codex Records of unverified accounts.

Collection order

The featured collections homepage will now be sorted in order of how many Codex Records are in each account; users with the most Codex Records will be featured at the top of the page. Get the top spot in the homepage by uploading more Codex Records!

Easy apply

Users interested in having a featured collection can now apply directly from the featured collection homepage. We wanted to make it easier for any artist, gallerist, collector or art institution to become a distinguished part of Codex. Anyone can now apply to get featured.

What’s next

This update includes some of the most highly requested features from our users, but there are a couple of things we are continuing to work and will be part of the next release.

The first request is a big one; e-commerce, or the ability to buy and sell Codex Records natively on Codex. While that is not a part of this release, it is on the product roadmap and will very likely be a part of the next update release for featured collections.

A “history of Codex Records” section is another feature that was commonly requested and will be a part of a future release. A “history” section of a collection would allow viewers to see images of past Records once in the collection that have been bought and transferred out of the collection.

Are you interested in getting a featured collection? Apply here.

Written by: Corinne Moshy

About Codex

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