You may already know about Codex’s upcoming charity auction to support the Foundation for Art & Blockchain at the Ethereal Summit on May 12. What you might not know are the artworks included in the catalogue for sale and why these pieces matter. You don’t have to be at the auction in New York to bid and win; we are bringing the auction to your device so you can easily buy these works from wherever you are in the world. Here’s a highlight of some of the works that you can purchase with your Bitcoin, ETH or fiat currency, and what makes them valuable.

1. A commissioned, one-off CryptoKittie

Celestial Cyber Dimension Kitt

Celestial Cyber Dimension Kitty

This isn’t just any CryptoKittie, this is a one time commission from CryptoKittie’s Director of Art, Guilherme Twardowski (@guilegaspar), which he calls Celestial Cyber Dimension. Inspired by the contemporary aesthetics around the subjects of cyberspace, blockchain, and the CryptoKitties universe, Guile created this rare Kitty especially for this auction. CryptoKitties shook the crypto space and garnered massive attention from mainstream media when people realized these digital collectibles were making millions in sales with one CryptoKitty, The Genesis Kitty, selling for over $115,000. Many in the crypto space realize the value in digital scarcity, and those paying attention can see the value of unique, commissioned artworks on the blockchain is starting to echo the trends of commissioned artworks in the $57 billion Fine Art Market. As more people continue to join the blockchain train, you’re going to want to get a Cryptokittie this rare while you still can. Bid for the Kitty.

2. white paper (IOTA) by Andy Cook

In the future, when looking back on 2017 and 2018, I think we can agree the eruption of startups and innovation will be this era’s legacy. And what comes with any good startup? A white paper, of course. The pretty and the ugly alike, white papers have become synonymous with the blockchain business landscape, and artist Andy Cook memorializes them in this captivating work. Actual text from blockchain startup IOTA’s white paper is juxtaposed against Black 2.0, the flattest, mattest black pigment in the world, able to turn 3D surfaces into flat-looking holes. Trust me when I say, you’re going to want to see this painting in person.

3. Stealing the Contents of This Wallet Is a Crime, by Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch is known for his iconic photographs of public figures like Yoko Ono, Johnny Depp, Malala Yousafzai and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. His portraits have become a staple in Silicon Valley, with many major tech execs boasting a Kevin Abosch portrait. In 2018, Kevin his photograph, Forever Rose, was put onto an ERC-20 token and bought with cryptocurrency for the equivalent of $1 million. In the signed and limited edition print selling at the auction, the 100 artworks stolen from Kevin’s Ethereum wallet are depicted. The works were on tokens called IAMACoins, which held digital editions of art with blockchain wallet addresses stamped into the artists’ blood. Join the ranks of major institutions like the MoMA Bogota and National Gallery of Ireland by owning an original Kevin Abosch artwork. Stealing is a crime, bidding for this piece is not.

4. HODL, by cryptograffiti

If white papers are the legacy of these years, then “HODL” is the shibboleth of the crypto-community. An unofficial battle cry of blockchain lovers, HODLby cryptograffiti celebrates the energy and unity of the crypto space. An insider to the space himself, cryptograffiti was the first artist to utilize a public-facing wallet to receive cryptocurrency donations for his street art and has been a leading artist in his engagement in cryptocurrency and the blockchain world. His art is collected and displayed in an impressive list of offices that are home to top blockchain companies and leaders, and he has been written about in almost every major crypto publication. Echoing the style of the iconic work, LOVE by Robert Indiana, and made on a used central bank money bag, HODL marks an important place in art history and a pivotal place in blockchain history. Win this work at its auction debut at the Ethereal Summit.

5. Lifting a Dreamer, or “Twitter Fail Whale” by Yiying Lu

If you’re thinking this artwork looks familiar, it’s because you (and millions of other people) have already seen it. Affectionately dubbed the “Twitter Fail Whale”, this white beluga is the artwork that was used during periods of downtime on Twitter. The San Francisco based artist, Yiying Lu, is also responsible for designing some of your favorite emojis. The iconic internet “Twitter Fail Whale” is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, so Yiying has created ten physical editions of the Fail Whale, this being the first. What better way to celebrate a decade than by purchasing one with cryptocurrency and putting it on to the blockchain?

What’s next…

We can see the interaction between art and blockchain is growing quickly as more artists realize the substantial nature of this technology in our society. As Leonardo da Vinci famously exemplifies, it has always been the role of the artists to communicate innovative technologies to the public, and in this auction we see artworks that mark the start of a new technological era. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of web 3.0 in blockchain’s early stages, so don’t let the opportunity to collect unique works like these pass you by while they’re still attainable. Bid from home, from your mining meet-up, from the office, or anywhere you find yourself at 7:00 pm EST on May 12. Register at

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Written by Corinne Moshy
Events Manager, Codex Protocol