How to create a Codex Record

Artists create Codex Records for their works to preserve provenance and value.

Are you an artist or creator?

There are a few reasons why creating non-fungible tokens is emerging as a great way to send your art (whether digital or physical) off into the world.

Here’s why this matters and how you can accomplish creating your first tokenized asset with Codex.

Why upload art onto the blockchain?

Here’s why artists are creating records / tokenized assets for their artworks and how a blockchain-based catalogue raisonné benefits artists.

  1. Allows the artist to ‘stay in touch’ with the work and see the piece change ownership over time
  2. Immutable records deter the creation of fakes and forgeries
  3. Catalogues prevent manipulation of an artist’s market
  4. Applications built using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could enable tracking of resale royalty payments
  5. Selling artworks with blockchain records enables the owner of the piece to access a wealth of services, like insurance, appraisals, and more

How to upload art onto the blockchain.

  1. If you haven’t installed MetaMask, you will need to start with that. Here is the link: MetaMask brings Ethereum to your browser.
  2. You’ll need some ETH in the faucet for gas. This is usually less than a dollar.
  3. Go to and sign in.
  4. Select “Add New Asset”
  5. Upload a photo, name it, and describe the artwork in the window that pops up

6. Create the Codex Record

7. Pay the associated gas fee…

8. Wait for the transaction to be mined.

9. You’re done! You’ve now created your first tokenized artwork, and you can now manage and transfer ownership of the artwork as you please.

Are you an artist or photographer using Codex to document your creations? We would love to hear from you — send us a tweet or an email — we’ll be documenting interesting stories!