Bridging Blockchains with Art: The Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject

Truebit’s Dogethereum Bridge#ArtProject opens in Vancouver, May 2019, and is supported by Codex and the Foundation for Art and Blockchain

What if you were a Bit of information traveling through a Terabyte of space?

When you imagine a blockchain, what does it look like?

Jessica Angel, a Brooklyn-based Colombian artist, has researched and visualized ideas of virtual spaces in three-dimensional forms with her artwork since 2006. In recent and upcoming works, Jessica explores visualizing blockchains.

Art is integral in the dissemination of new technologies.

There’s little doubt that knowledge of blockchain technologies has recently become mainstream, but as interest has increased, confusion has loomed. Understanding the full-potential that decentralized information and token economies could have means appreciating various principles in finance, economics, technology, and cryptography. Many aren’t likely to dig into the mechanics of blockchains, and they won’t need to. As time marches on, interactions with blockchains will occur knowingly and unknowingly,

Projects like the Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject will invite the public inside an immersive realm informative of the remarkable journey early crypto pioneers forged, the bridges they’ve built, and the satisfaction obtained upon realizing that maybe we should aspire to create decentralized utopias, and perhaps we are.

Successful prototypes developed at the #ArtProject Maker Space will be displayed inside the Dogethereum bridge #ArtProject at the Vancouver Biennale in May 2019. The structure will serve as a hub for education that promotes the adoption of blockchain technology and will represent a moment-in-time in a rapidly evolving technological era.

Sketch of the Installment. Spin a 3D model.

The Origin

TrueBit recognizes the importance art has in introducing and celebrating community-driven technology and decided the most suitable way to spend what they had earned from a community-funded open bounty for a Doge-Eth Bridge was to commission Jessica Angel, whose work is architectonic in nature, to express the unifying software artistically.

To read the Doge-ETH software bridge that inspired the Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject installation, visit the following post by the Truebit team.

The Inspiration

The Klein bottle inspires the concept of this public art piece. A mathematical object which in the exhibit will be used as a symbol of unification between the Dogecoin and the Ethereum blockchains, the Klein bottle is a one-sided surface which, if traveled upon, could be followed back to the point of origin while flipping the traveler upside down.

Now, imagine yourself walking down a bridge between two blockchains, and upon arriving, finding yourself in a rabbit hole of community interactions in a topological, strong steel structure.

A physical blockchain.

Real proof of work, miners competing, lights showing the P2P layer, coins you can take home.

Blockchain and art at its best.

The Artist

Jessica Angel is a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn. She takes over interior spaces to explore the possibilities of visual illusion and perspective. Her immersive environments are landscapes inspired by structures found in computing, urban environments, and astronomy. Her interdisciplinary practice is predicated on the belief that complex patterns and information lie at the core of everything we perceive. With a leading role in the art and blockchain movement, Jessica works with a community of artists and programmers to utilize technology, art, and space in new and interesting ways.

Foundation for Art + Blockchain supports the Dogethereum Bridge

Codex Protocol started the Foundation for Art +Blockchain in May of 2018 and launched the foundation at the Ethereal Summit in Queens, New York, where the notable $140,000 record CryptoKitty digital collectible sold at auction, alongside the brilliant works of blockchain inspired artists like Jessica Angel, Kevin Abosch, cryptograffiti and more — bringing attention and funding to art and blockchain projects.

As announced at the event, a portion of the proceeds from the auction will be used to support the Dogethereum Bridge project.

Creators working with art and blockchain can stay informed of upcoming grants from the Art and Blockchain Foundation by signing up to learn more.

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