A little over a week ago, we announced the launch of the Codex Viewer Beta. Since then, we’ve had over 250 editions of Sebastian’s “Full Assembly” piece get claimed and over 300 transactions take place on the registry itself. But, we need more! That’s why today we’re announcing Codex Quests and our smart contract Bug Bounty program. More details on those below.

For those of you that have already claimed your own edition of “Full Assembly”, we’ve had several requests from users that want to be able to migrate their edition to Mainnet when the time comes. We’ve been thinking about some creative ways of doing just that, so keep an eye out for more details when we get closer to the Mainnet launch. For those of you that haven’t claimed it, be sure to log in today before all 1,000 have been spoken for!

Codex Quests

Now that we’ve gotten over the initial hump of deploying the smart contracts and getting the first version of Codex Viewer deployed, we want to hear from you, our community, on what it’s like using the software. Codex Quests are designed to provide opportunities for our community to receive CODX tokens in reward for completing specific tasks related to Codex Viewer on a given day.

For each quest you participate in you’ll be eligible to receive $10 in CODX. There are 5 quests total, which means full participation will net you up to $50 in CODX.

To be eligible to receive tokens send proof of you completing a Codex Quest to codex-quests@codexprotocol.com prior to the program’s end on July 15th 11:59pm CST. On the 16th, we’ll tally up all of the submissions and reach out to participants with next steps on how to claim the CODX they’ve been awarded. Standard KYC processes apply.

Codex Quests are live!

The program will run from June 26th 9:00am CST to July 15th 11:59pm CST. Codex Quests can be completed any time after their day has been announced up until the program closes. The schedule is as follows.

June 26th
Share the “Full Assembly” edition you claimed from your collection on Twitter and tag Codex Protocol (be sure to make your Codex Record public before sharing!).

June 29th
Tweet us your Rinkeby ETH address to receive a Codex Record from the team. Accept this transfer on the incoming transfers tab.

July 3rd
We’ve had a lot of questions about today’s Codex Quest. To receive credit for this quest, follow the updated steps below.

Add a behind the scenes picture to the “Full Assembly” edition you’ve claimed. To do this, click on the “Manage” button on the details page of the your edition of Digital Assembly. This button will only show up for Codex Records you own.

Click the “Manage” button to add additional photos to your Codex Record

After clicking on “Manage”, a modal dialog will pop up that allows you to edit metadata and attach additional photos.

Upload additional photos to your Codex Record

After adding your behind the scenes photo, click on “Save” to submit the updates to the blockchain and send a link to your updated Codex Record to codex-quests@codexprotocol.com.

July 9th
Grab some CODX from the faucet so that you are prepared for when protocol fees are turned on later this week. After you have some tokens, send a screenshot of your non-zero balance to codex-quests@codexprotocol.com as evidence of you completing the quest.

July 11th
Fees for the registry will now be turned on, so make sure you have CODX from the faucet!
Create a Codex Record (receive a bonus of $5 in CODX for sharing your own artwork) and transfer it to address 0x61E69543d7858AFE535241A6e1DdD22A11ae47B4.

Address 0x61E69543d7858AFE535241A6e1DdD22A11ae47B4 is going to be our first Codex Gallery. Any Codex Records owned by this account will be made public and shared at https://beta.codex-viewer.com/#/gallery. This means that by the end of our Beta period, we’ll have a unique gallery composed of all the artists & collectors in our community. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like!

Smart Contract Bug Bounty

Next, I’m excited to introduce our Smart Contract Bug Bounty program! Find security holes in our smart contracts and get rewarded with up to $1,000 USD (paid in ETH) for any critical issues found.

The program officially starts June 27th at 12:01am CST.

Today we’ll receive our initial summary report back from our security auditing firm Hosho and commit it to the bug bounty repo here: github.com/codex-protocol/bounty.codex-registry, along with all of the eligible source code. Any issues outlined in the summary report from Hosho are not eligible for rewards.

To keep things brief here, I’ll be writing another blog post Tuesday morning outlining the full details of the bug bounty program in preparation for the launch of the program.


As always, we love to hear from our community! Today we’ve pushed up a new footer in the app that includes our support email address — any emails sent here will notify our team so we can quickly answer any questions you may have.

Reach out to the Codex team any time for help or feedback!

We’ve also embedded a live chat widget so you can talk with the team directly if you aren’t already doing so via Telegram.

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