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Solving the MultiBillion Dollar Provenance Problem

The biggest driver of an item’s monetary value are its identity and chain of ownership. Whether you’re talking about collectibles, artwork, or even classic cars, this is known as provenance.

Most provenance information still lies in paper documents that:

  • Are hard to share
  • Can be easily faked
  • Require constant re-verification

This creates constant, costly, friction for the entire collectibles ecosystem. Codex Protocol is an immutable blockchain platform that creators, auction houses and collectors are using to solve this problem worldwide.

Fears of forgeries are constant, and it’s hard to verify information about the items we buy and sell. This creates totally avoidable expense and friction.

Codex’s best-in-class technology provides a valuable solution to these problems. The Codex approach serves the entire market, owners, creators and institutions, making them an obvious choice for anyone who cares about protecting the integrity and value of their collection.


Brook Hazelton

Former President, Christie’s America.

Codex Creates Identities for Any Asset, Secured by the Blockchain

Codex stores information about an item’s identity and ownership history in a secure digital token called a Codex Record. Codex Records can store any kind of information about an item, and record changes in ownership as the token is transferred from owner to owner.

Empowering All With Improved Provenance


Auction Houses

Automatically issue provenance records to auction winners, accept cryptocurrency as payment


Easy digital certificates of authenticity for online retailers



Simplify provenance documentation, increase sales through improved buyer confidence


Protect your legacy with a digital catalogue raisoné

An Item’s Identity, Stamped on the Blockchain

Secure Title

Create a secure digital chain of ownership for your valuable assets and easily assert ownership

Record Provenance

Secure your provenance documents and collect attestations from experts stamped on the blockchain

Prove Authenticity

Easily share verified information with potential buyers and service providers to easily prove authenticity

Improving Access to 3rd Party Services

Fractional Ownership

Easily tie the ownership of an asset to any method of issuing fractional shares

Insurance and Lending

Save time when dealing with service providers by simplifying proof and assessment of value

First Auction With Blockchain Provenance Records

In May 2018, Ethereal Summit hosted the first auction to issue Codex-secured titles for all pieces sold.

All proceeds benefited the Foundation for Art & Blockchain and featured work from 10 artists at the cutting edge of creativity. During the auction, a specially commissioned CryptoKitty digital collectible was sold for a record-breaking $140,000.

Awards and Recognition

1st Place 

World Crypto Economic Forum

3rd Place

Smart Dubai Government Blockchain Project

1st Place

1st place, Open Innovation category, Global Blockchain Competition


Techcrunch Europas Startup Awards

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